Before you apply, please be aware:

  1. Our recruitment needs posted below aren't carved in stone. If you think you'll fit here and you are as experienced and mature as we expect, feel free to apply with whatever class, spec, and role your main character is.
  2. We expect full commitment to the guild. Our guild. If you want to apply just to gear your alt then please, gtfo. If you plan to just log your guilded main char for raids and in the meantime play your other characters in other guilds, then please, gtfo. This way you'll never socialize with us or commit to the guild as we'd like you to.
  3. We are never impressed by how many alts you have on which level and which realm. We're interested in your main char and expecting you to pull 140% out if it. Also, there's no such thing as "I have 5 mains and I play awesome on all of them (at the same time)". It's one.
  4. We don't have one, constant raiding team. You're not applying to any of such. We pick our raiders into lineup depending on their availability. We try to have reasonable amount of raiders so everyone has a chance to raid -- still we sometimes need to put someone on the bench. Expect that.
  5. Before you decide to submit your application make sure your character is in best gear with proper enchants and gems. We will be checking your armory and missing faction enchant or not having maxed professions is as lame as Russian Democracy.

Currently we're in need of classes below:

  • 1 Shaman (elemental)
  • 1 Death Knight (blood)

Remember to get familiar with our rules before applying. If you think you're crazy enough, go to our application form!