Just so you know, we're still in game. Bit slacking with posting news about guild progress… *cough cough*

Since we killed Deathwing on 10man normal mode we were able to kill 2 new bosses on heroic: that's Morchok and Ultraxion.

We also wasted a shitload of time on Yorr but it doesn't look well yet. He still seems to be next one to focus on. Harder.

So far we are ranked on 22nd place on our crowded realm.

That's 16th place on Alliance guilds chart.



  • omg, news!!!!!! Eve is booored at work it seems :D

  • hush u.

    btw, i updated our spreadsheet :D

  • I'd also like to add that we managed to make the craziest raid last night too!

    some of the things that happened:
    - Screaming at 70% Morchok's HP that IT'S NOT HEROIC, RUN GUYS RUUUUUN!
    - Lilitha healing in wrong spec (something about him losing 50% healing done of some important spell) and even though being able to 2man heal Morchok HM^^
    - Almost writing a ticket to the GM cause our cloth chest item from Morchok disappeared…and then finding it in Lilea's bags (was supposed to go to Lilitha^^)
    - Heroic crap ring dropping for us on the first kill EVEN THOUGH Lile kept whining about it for so long we were hoping he jinxed it.
    - Bekki's body spinning around and almost killing the raid with this news
    - Tenac being lost in Yor's room trying to find the portal
    - Cronin completely forgetting he was supposed to raid^^

  • gz guys 2/8 now :) awesome job.

  • STOP slacing, Chand, or I'll continue to ninja your tokenz and DE agility leather!

  • D:

  • [...]



    Edit 2:
    Not sure what Mai is talkign about.

  • lol SIlph, nice edit!

  • I'm commenting because I like the picture. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

  • Cronin
    I'm commenting because I like the picture. Just thought I'd let you know

    Rand dislikes the picture, he thinks it is scary, just so you know ;)

  • He should close his eyes then. :)