Hello Newcomers!

For all the people that are here for the first time we've prepared a short introduction about the Clique.

What we are about:
  • killing stuff called raid bosses (mainly). We are at 9/12 ATM.
  • having lots of fun while doing it. Ninja pulls, tanking dragons on the lifts, singing Britney, running around like headless chickens, sacrificing healers… it can ALL happen and we won't yell at you as long as we see we're going somewhere.
  • keeping a rather insane social links among ourselves. Most of us are around 30 y.o. with families/jobs/studies and other stuff like that. We log in to relax, laugh our asses off and be mean to each other (seriously!). If you cannot cope with sarcasm, don't bother applying.
What we can offer:
  • a flexible raiding environment. We set up raids to suit our guildies' schedules. Raiding days can change from week to week depending on guildie's poll results, but we try and keep 2-3 raids a week.
  • A guild bank with 7 tabs in which you can find guild raiding materials (available for FREE), enchants, threads, buckles and what-nots that you may at some point need for 1/3 AH price.
  • A steady gear-up for your toon as long as you commit and raid with us. In a small guild like ours there aren't many people to fight with over the loot and our Loot Council makes sure everyone gets their upgrades evenly.
What we are looking for:
  • skilled players that know their classes. No “I have 5 alts which I'm great at” crap. We're looking at your gear, talents, enchants etc… Not having Therazane maxxed but at the same time having 2 other toons at level 85 is a failure.
  • mature yet crazy behaviour. No, we don't want you to be a clown, but a sense of humor, understanding sarcasm and being a little mean yourself may help you in here.
  • responsibility while raiding. As I've already mentioned, we often do crazy stuff like falling from ledges or charging into the wrong group of mobs, but when we're doing something serious, we expect you to stay focused and aware of what's going on around you.
  • filling the poll once a week. Each Monday there's a notice for each Raider to fill in the poll. Only when we have all the votes we can set up raids. That's how it works here and have been working for the last half of a year, so if you cannot promise you'll be checking the site each day and fill in the poll each week, don't bother taking somebody else's spot in our raids.

Some of the links you may find interesting before applying:
- http://www.youtube.com/user/Evesath (movies from our kills)
- http://cliqueguild.com/rules/
- http://cliqueguild.com/recruitment/

If any of our current members has something to add, please do it :)

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  • Cheers to the ecologist uncle Sam!!! For a better world full of green… and hopefully without Britney…