Welcome Gnomes!

As all of you know, we have been discussing merging with the Gnomish Nightmare guild for the last 2 months. We were all trying to know each other better by doing joint raids, heroics and talking in a common channel.

While you nubs were having fun doing all aforementioned things, we actually had some serious problems to solve…like who's gonna be the official singer in TS now and who'll ninja all the loot. After liters of gnomish and cliquish blood boiled we came to a few conclusions! hurrah \o/

Both the Gnomish' Officers and Clique's Epics decided it's time we took it one step further and so last night we invited the first group of gnomes over to the Clique!

Welcome Ani, Hippo and Tray! Hope you'll enjoy your stay in here :)

As it has been decided that the Gnomes are joining us and not the other way around, expect to meet many new faces in the guild in the nearest future:) and please, give them a nice welcome too!

The plan for now is as follows: a few raiders join very soon (I think 2 more actually), all of you can of course bring your alts with you. We keep raiding and killing stuff, while having fun as our motto states! \o/ After some time even more gnomes transfer, mostly those that don't raid that much, so we'll have to persuade them into it:p

Sooooo…lets get to business!:)