Update on Progression

It took us a few weeks to settle comfortably on Sylvanas (oh the RL!), but we were able to start raiding last reset period and bumped our progression from 1 to 4/12 after 2 successful nights! It also brought us lots of needed upgrades, but don't you worry, our MT is still using an ilvl 463 helm! ;)

Congrats to everyone! To those Cliques that moved from Aszune: Welcome to Sylvanas and to the new members of the guild: welcome to the Clique! And now let's rock, shall we? :)

We're DESPERATELY in need of a good healer We try to 2man heal, but with our gear we're only managing to get to Tortos and then need to call for OS healers. So, if you know/are a healer who'd love to join our amazing team, don't be shy and apply!

A deaded turtle:

And some 4 trolls we stumbled upon on our way there: