Two feet, a gnome and an epic shield in Orgrimmar

First some important (and pretty random) facts about the guild atm:
  • Progression 7/14 N which places us on the 52nd 45! rank on the realm
  • If we were still on Aszune, we'd be ranked 14th (you're right, we wouldn't be ranked as 14th because there are no frikkin' raiders on that fail realm!
  • We're killing two new bosses every lockout, that means we're still missing one for this week (luckily there is a raid tonight, so I'm sure our statistics will be saved)!
  • We now have a very stable raid group and the number raiders makes it possible to raid with no problems even if somebody (or even two or three nabz!) are late/can't make it/fail at sarcasm. There are talks about opening a second 10man group for alts/reserves/friends OR trying a 25man from time to time.
  • We are back to our usual cheerful guild chat that some remember from previous expansions when the times were better on Aszune
  • Our cook for this tier seems to be Tray, whose balls are responsible for fresh noodles (almost) every raid! *wink wink* if you want to help Tray with the mats for his imba food (or anybody else who's making it) please check the ingredients here: Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit
  • Our official Photographer is now Mushka! She's not only taking pics from the right angles, but also adds all the pretty and funny things useful for the news!

So now, let us talk kills!
Last time the site was updated, we were just in the middle of first wing in Orgrimmar with two bosses killed. We killed 5 more in the meantime and these were:
  • Norushen - this one was a badass… took us a whole night of wiping to get into the rhythm (or as some people say - we wasted one night cause the most important raider wasn't there to carry us). Luckily, once Splath was set free from the police station, we got the kill!

  • On the same day (I think the 2nd pull actually) we downed another Sha of the Mists… the Sha of too much MaiPride

  • Next week the Cliques came back for the corpse of Galakras and some overpowered scorpion only to wipe the last night on two shamans.

  • Our raid group came back and finished what they started…some really bad wipes happened, and Mai is only to be blamed for one of the 1% ones! Everything else I had nothing to do with…seriously >.< ANYWAY, the amazing Cliques once again showed they can wipe, repeat, draw conclusions, learn and…well…KILL!

huge congrats to everyone, keep up the good work!