This Expansion Is No More

It is done. Newest, and last Cataclysm raid Tier has been cleared by frikking clique's slacerz.

That is 3rd full tier that has been cleared by The Clique since the beginning of official existence of this guild. Last boss from Cataclysm Expansion – Deathwing – has just been send back to abyss (on Monday :P).

It actually took us some time till we were finally able to dedicate whole run to Deathwing's fight. We needed ~2 runs to get this boss down. He died on 4th attempt in the final encounter, after we were slacking a bit over Christmas our progression has finally reached yet another milestone.

As for the fight, it's mostly a DPS race with a little bit of nice healing needed (but it is getting lower when dps performance is getting up). Tanks are – as usual – slacking and shouting on everyone for not using their own (tanks) cooldowns on impale. But when they finally did - DW died. I also think some swaps done in the lineups told us two things: first, we are able to progress and kill a lot, and that our rule of “progression runs” is valid and legit. Yet, at the other hand, we have folks that need to catch up a bit with their performance so our progression chances could be as high as possible in every run and every setup.

Now what?

Uhm, well, since Mists of Pandaria are not even announced yet, we will have to go back to DS to clear HARD MODEZ!

As for the end of this expansion (I know, I know, we still have HMs to do but seriously, we finished it already…) its safe to say we survived the cataclysm. And not the one done by DW, but the other that happened to WoW as it is. The main strike swapped half of all Aszune's guild out. We could see some big and hardcore guilds to fall apart, some new grew up, then struggled just to disband or switch to 10man raiding. We had some bumps over the road as well, but eventually we made it. Recruitment problems, lineup nerdrage, slow progression, Silph saying he might want to get back to PvE… yeah, we had all this crap that tried to kill us all. BUT NO FKKING WAY.


  • Loving your summary, Eve.
    Definitely we've passed the test! A very important factor here is the merge with our Gnomes - a very successful one I must add! Thank you all for helping us with everything, role switches (Mushka), class switches for the raid balance (Hipppo), raid organization (Sapooh), guild bank (Dd, Poke, Tenac, Regi <3) and EVERYONE for keeping a very positive attitude even though Cataclysm was an awful expansion for us as a raiding guild :)

    good job all!:D

    EDIT: and thanks EVE for writing news and making movies!!! <3

  • Awww, I was about to mention GN merge, as a very important part of previous yeat, but as I was writing it over an hour or two, I simply forgot! Thx for pulling that out, Mai.

  • Brilliant summary, Eve!

    Now that DW is dead I have one more thing to do, some overrated pillar in Deepholm needs to be rebuilt! CBA.

  • Gnomish Nightmare, represent!

  • Im not in ze picture!

  • hahahhhahahahahaa
    AVa is soooo into photography you know? he just bought new lens for our camera… when it's new glasses that he needs!

  • Congrats Nubs <3 what would zeh Aszune world be without Clique nubs anyway, amiright? :D