The Starcallers!

We kept coming back to this boss a few times, and finally we managed to down him. Algalon bites the dust!

Tbh, the hardest thing was to get the freaking keepers down on hard modes (especially Mimi) back in the past, but going to Algalon now (with our OP gear) was a walk in the park. We kinda managed to 9man it (I was dead most of the time, after using two BRs^^) and well, now we're imba Starcallers! ‘cause ’the Kingslayer' is too popular anyway ;)

Cheers all for the effort and grats on your new titles! :D

PS. Silph, you're a big fat noob that forgot about raid.


  • Hardest part of this fight these days is to learn it and defeat him within an hour. :)

  • Congrats! :D

  • Congratulation!!

    P.S. I did not forgot the raid. I went to rest a bit around 18 and putted an alarm at 20, but i wake up at 8 AM this morning instead.!

  • Good stuff guys, congrats! :D

  • lol silph, looks like next time you get the MD :)

  • Big congratulations mates!
    Pity you will have to endure Silph's kingslayers-like whines nao until you'll boost him to the title too… :P

  • yeah, indeed…
    give kingslayer… !
    give undying… !
    give starcaller… !

    FFS. ;)

  • Poor Silph:( And you miss another title:(

  • Fun fight.. must have been a pita back in the day :).. and lol Silph :p

  • I'd like to protest. I don't feel OPed!

  • I agree with you, Van, you're still mentally unstable, that can be translated to mental UP - underpowered.

  • I feel 100% mental these days. My bosses demand I prove that 2+2=5 or even 6. :(

  • Van it's easy to proof taht.
    Build a group with all the natural numbers and then define a relationship over the group that link the first element plus the second like addition with a neutral element toward the multiplicative operation. Not sure it can be closed algebrical ring.

  • I'd rather let my student calculate it. Wanna bet the results would be given with gaussian distribution, mean value around 4, deviation around 4, too?

  • Nahhh that is statistical problem. That is the true life… so you will have 2+2 = some numbers around 4 +- 3…
    I was more interested in an absolute mathematical proof. Create an algebra for which the result is always 5! Absolute matemathics rules!

  • I accept only empirical proves. None other are convincing.

  • Lies… Mathematics is real outside the real world.
    You can change everything in the real world, physical constants or relationships and mathematic is still absolute.
    (The good part is that once you prove something within that framework it will be always true! What is worse than that?).

  • Four years of experience in teaching let me learn one thing. Nothing is absolute. Especially, math.

  • Vanyel
    Four years of experience in teaching let me learn one thing. Nothing is absolute. Especially, math when students use it.

    Fixed ;-)