The Kingslayers!

We did it! We've killed Lich King in Icecrown Citadel 10!

It took us over 20 wipes during last 2 weeks and 2 raid extends. We've spent at least 5 hours learning this fight phase by phase. Mastering every phase and transitions was crucial. Our healers did great job in dispelling and healing, our damage dealers did great job on downing Spirits quickly and awesome job on killing Vile Spirits in phase 5. Everyone was focused and passing Necrotic Plague on Horros was going without problems. Tanks, well, just didn't do anything stupid, so it was a success :D Defiles were always placed properly away from center of the room. We rotated stuns and slowing effects on Val'kyries. Simply put, great job everyone! :D Well deserved achievement!

PS. and who says that Hero is mandatory buff? ;)


  • Second and third pictures rocks :)

    About the last picture, well Ava, you can say that you soloed him :P

  • sucha great avhievment :D well deserved after 2 lockout extnsions :D
    now comes the time to redo everythign but in heroic :D
    pew pew some more :D

  • Of course I've soloed him! Enraged Regeneration FTW! :D

  • Well deserved indeed. I guess we'll really start biting the hard modes from wednesday.

  • Updated post ;)

  • Grats gusy!!! Really great effort :)

  • somewhere in p5 I was sure we're wiping it, I saw people dying and more and more spirits coming… but then somebody started shouting “4%, 3%, you can do it” and well… I decided that was the time to use the speed flask which I forgot in p4 :D

    I'd like to thank everyone who had anything in common with this kill. People that stayed later even though they wanted to go to sleep, people that changed to healing even though their mains was tanking and people that devoted themselves to killing the spheres and not do massive amounts of damage. We deserved it like no one else, staying cheerful during all these wipes and extending two times just to practice payed off.

    THANKS ALL, <3 you all :D

  • Lol, had the same feeling. Died 2 times while taking the spirits on me (owl tankin), then saw more ppl dying, thought ‘bleh, damn, was a really nice try’, and then sat comfortably and pin my eyes to the TV.

    When his HP was dropping I was still sure its undoable. Saw 18%… 15%… 11%… 10.4% - coe died, then Mai and Rhae… well, close but it's a wipe! Then you nups started shouting on TS… like WTF? He is 10.4%, not 10%!

    Well, pitbull must have bugged… or something. It was the end. But I missed the whole ‘omg omg omg they can do it!’ thingy.

    But there's a problem nao, Mai's ego is overgrown! I still can here her voice screaming in polish and coming from Ava's TS: ‘I killed him! I I I did it!’. lol.

    Btw, I'm proud of myself too, managed to write the vile spirits targeting macro during 2nd Remorseless winter phase :D

    I'd also like to point out, that we've done it without heroism (have u noticed that we've been entering ph2 at exactly the same time as with hero? madness!), with imba healing from Tirk, Floggy and Rhae, poor overaggroing fishbringer on spheres, Gonny finally not being dragged to Frostmourne and Frosty helping with stuns to get that nasty valkyrs down… uh a lot go good work done there!
    Tactics also say that tank in frostmourne is a pain. Well, Ava was there, nothing happened…

    … needless to say, we're so OMFG good!

    Some of my shots:

    (btw I hope the BB code for image embedding is working ;))

    Oh, and this is for Tirk or Floggy, cant recall who of you do not belive I'm using omen… here it is, from an attempt few wipes earlier (and yes, I'm looking into it! :P)

  • It was ava or coe, eve. And we all know you photoshopped the omen into those screenshot. :P

  • NOWAI!

    And yeah, it was Ava also, but few runs before… ;)

    I could go emo nao, no one believes me I haz (and using) omen! @!#$ nups!

  • Change Omen background to black Eve, your orange bar will be more visible :D

    PS. anyone can tell me what my char is doing on 2nd Eve's screenie? o.O

  • LOL >.<

  • Erm…. I don't remember being in Frostmourne ever. Maybe I was about to go there but I didn't survive the initial dmg. ;)

  • I wasn't there either. Don't even know how it looks like ;)

  • Gonor always went inside frostmourne. He told me he was inside when we were wiping outside, and he was writhing in agony not knowing what was happening outside of it but for the shouts on ts… :P

  • Many versions of the same kill… mmm strange..

    Knowing Coe and Ava ability with computers maybe it's possible that youy have hacked the Blizzard server to let them give you the title and achievement, while you never killed the Lich King! Yes definetly this is what happened since everyone has a different version!!!

  • Shhh Silph, I don't have combatlogs to prove you're wrong :D

  • Disclaimer: this is a serious post
    I just came across on the CR forum that some of the former kingslayers have spammed whispers to CR members boasting about the freshly aquired title. To my eyes, it was childish and not needed; you don't have to lower yourself to levels of the few people you don't like (*cough* Nim *cough* Kai *cough*), i know you are better people than that.

  • not some, but one;)
    and Tirk, you need to contact that person…uhm…in person and tell that to him if you want to be listened ;)

  • … which I already did, but I'm nto sure he understood my/our point.

  • If it was abusive whisper, then Topaz should report whisperer ;) But I guess it wasn't, so I don't understand what's the problem in CR. It is normal that we were happy about our success so why not whisper some of our friends?

    Anyway, from what I know, there was one or two whispers to 2 people, doesn't look like spam to me ;)

    Btw, all comments under News are visible to everyone, authenticated or not.

  • One or two whispers are not spam to me either, and i admit they may have stretched a bit the truth.
    However, i still don't think it's a good thing to whisper a person you know already doesn't like you with something you know it really would piss him/her off. Just my point of view, tho.

  • Totally agree with that Tirk ;)

  • Mmm I don't see the problem that comments are visible to everyone. We have nothing to hide to anyone and people already know what is written here.

    Now i don't have access to CR forum and I would not go there probably even if I would have, but I think that what Tirkad wanted to point out is that there were wisper spamming and pointing out of the achievement to, in same sort of way, show off the “superiority” of Kingslayers.

    This is not the case and represent another missunderstanding between the two guilds.

    From what i know there were two wispers in total, one done in a naive (candid) way from a person that was really happy for the kill. People already talked with him.
    The second wisper was toward a person we keep in contact and still have friendship with people in guild. I also chat a lot with him in general when in raid or not and discuss of what is going on.

    As long those were the only two cases (as i believe), there is no point to define it a childish behaviour.

    The Corpse Run and The Cliques are two different guilds that had some relationship in the past and thus there are still friends that keep chatting/meeting/playing together.

  • I whispered Mac too (sorry, forgot about it before), but naive as I am, I still think he's a kind of a friend :)

    and about Regi, oh well, I already said I talked to him.
    I'm also sure it's only his whisper (as it was to our beloved Topaz) that caused the troubles. <3 <3 <3

  • Back on topic guys! It's about LK kill, not relationship with other guilds. :)

  • stfu and dont tell me to go back on topic!
    also, dont tell me IM aggressive!!!!!11!!!ONE~~!

  • So… that was a nice kill ;)

  • very nice kill indeed. even with all those owls jumping off the cliff like crazy… :D

  • I still think it's a fake. You don't even have combat log.
    You damn hackers!!! Coe and Ava you should think to work for Blizzard.

    P.S. Mai you are not aggressive.. everyone knows that you teach good manners, kindness, how to hold quiet and clear chats, how to control yourself and never overreact.. you are a good teacher of all those matters :D

  • hahahahahahaahaahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

  • I whispered Topaz cose I talked with her and I had her even on Facebook… But now she was deleted…

    And About LK:> Maybe i was on that frost orbs but I was first person who survived Frostmourne:D And that was in our final battle:D And btw that was me who cream “You can do it” lol I cant resist it hehe as always:P You really did great job and I almost wake up whole my home from screaming lol
    But Mai really shocked us in that battle:)

  • I whispered Topaz cose I talked with her and I had her even on Facebook… But now she is deleted…

    And About LK:> Maybe i was on that frost orbs but I was first person who survived Frostmourne:D And that was in our final battle:D And btw that was me who cream “You can do it” lol I cant resist it hehe as always:P You really did great job and I almost wake up whole my home from screaming lol
    But Mai really shocked us in that battle:)

  • Damn me and the fact i lost it :(.. next time please register Mai screaming on TS next time.