the Guild Bank R00lez!

Hey all!
As you all know, we've got a 4 tab guild bank in the Clique and you often ask about it. This document will answer (hopefully) all your questions, but if something is still unclear, please ask us directly about it.

All Clique members have got access to the Guild Bank.

As a Jebus (all of our members are Jebuses, together with their alts) you have no limits on tab 1. Also, everything in tab 1 is for free if you can use it.
In tab 2 there are raid materials, flasks, fish feasts, potions etc. Again, you get them for free (5 daily withdrawals) but they are to be used ONLY ON GUILD RAIDS. Please, don't use them on your other raids, even if you want to pay for them.
Tab 3 is filled with useful things for gearing up, gems, shards, glyph components. You can take 5 items from there a day and you should leave a fee of 1/3 of the AH price.
In tab 4 we're stacking all the materials from tab 3 and fill tab 3 whenever it's needed. You cannot withdraw anything from there.

About the donations: well, you can help us by donating flowers or fish for feasts, but it is not obligatory :) As usual, if you have something/can make something other people can use (vellums/bags/reputation tokens), put them in tab 1 :)

If you have any questions about it, you know where to find us:)