The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good thing is, Alysrazor was downed by our team yesterday's evening. He was 3-shotted (on our last attempt for the whole night).

Bad thing - he was nerfed ;(

The ugly - uhm, ugly thing is, we wiped on nerfed Shannox earlier that night :D

But lets just focus on the good thing. However nasty our progression was lately – mostly due to some folks not really being serious about raiding (and let me remind it here - being a GOOD raider means you're able to wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe and wipe and still be in top-shape and eager to get the job done. no matter what) we were still raiding and pushing our cart forward. I'm sure that we'd be able to kill every single boss in FL before those nerfs hit. Maybe next time we should extend raid lockouts not to waste time on farmed bosses. Will see.

Now, after the nerf this whole fight was sometimes boring. Lets take those 4 druids that spawns on each side one by one. Now we were so fast in killing them, that we could /slack and take a nap before next one spawned. Even more, Borric was there, left alone to deal with them, as on our successful attempt Sarrin died twice from phase 2 fire tornadoes and I took his place in “up in the air” duty (which, as a side note, is imba phun).
While having 9 ppl alive we were doing great in ph4 (where a lot of damage appears), healers adjusted to it very fast and I couldn't see anyone dropping lots of health. Nicely done. Due to RL mental issues and memory problems we forgot that there's also “phase 5” which appears on ~25% boss' HP. While on it, he stays on the ground, doing lots of AoE damage. That was kinda nasty, as we used up heroism somewhat earlier in the fight (as I wasnt expecting this ;)) but we managed… 2 folks died, rest was on like ~5% HP, but still. Kill is a kill.
Unfortunately, I forgot to record ze movie, and when I realized it was already ph5. I will still post this few last seconds of the fight on yt, so you can laugh at Jaka's oooooom screams ;)

That said, congratulations on job well done and I look forward to see Majordomo and Ragnaros killed on Monday or Tuesday.

I'd also like to give special thanks to regular jebuses that lately had become our “solid” team members, able to raid often and without whining. As a RL and epic responsible for getting our runs going, I really appreciate your commitment, filling the poll, being online on time and aware of tactics.
I'll reward each and everyone of you with a juicy kiss <3 <3 <3 ;)
That is:

Alysrazor's executioners:

After this night we have now 3 candidates to JoTW Award, that is:
1. Sapuh - for asking why she cant hear anyone on TS while she was on a default channel (instead of raid group one - she forgot to switch ;))
2. Eve - for being kicked out of the game due to… frozen subscription. Thx to Mai (<3 <3 <3) I was back online 10 minutes later *pheeeew*.
3. Hippo - for 7 or 8 trash pack ninjapulls, while he was supposed to just go around them ;)


  • grats guys again!!!
    Very nice outline of the evening, Eve:)

    And I fully agree with the whole idea - if we had more people that interested in raiding and progression we would have cleared (normal at least) FL some time ago :( but no worries…Mai and Ava ARE coming back…one day :p

    huge congrats again, great job! and omg, Sapooh tanked it!!!!!!:D <3 <3 <3

  • Maitia
    Very nice outline of the evening, Eve:)
    Wait, here's moar!

    A word about “THE NERFS”.

    At the beginning I wasnt sure if they applied those nerfs or not. Havent seen much of a difference on Shannox (we even wiped it when stupid bugged riplimb put shitload of stacks on Paladan), I'd say its still quite the same figh. On Beth I felt big HP reduction on adds. Drone was down asap, there was barely any spinners alive and I had moments when there was no target to shoot at. We also felt huge nerf on Baleroc, as we wiped on him a lot lately, he was now just a walk in the park. Damage dealt to DPSors (from Torment stacks) was way lower, making healer's work easier. Still, damage from Rhyolit's volcanos can be really nasty, especially when he smash those inactive ones. We wiped a bit on him, till we got it sorted. I still hate the way this boss is rotated, its often out of any logic. Noticed that when you switch from one leg to another, he does very quick turn, but the angle of his approach is getting lower even when you're still dpsing the same feet. Think making him follow a path in shape of nr 8 should be more appropriate.

    I strongly regret I forgot about the video. It would be rally nice fight from my point of view, killing druids, then avoiding tornados, getting up in the air and sorting things there… yeah, I was pretty busy on that attempt… and those shouts at the end was phun (you'll still have the opportunity to hear 'em).

  • For the record i totally blame our RL for me going out of mana! I burnt all CDs and most of my mana cause i expected phase 1 -> phase 2 -> etc again and can regen all mana in those phases :P

  • I blame Lilitha for shouting to me HEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL /scared /spams /no mana…he is not going up? A different phase? /uses totem, feck no mana! Please DIE DIE DIE, who was it saying the sweet nothings for him to die at the end? Was it Serrin repeating something?

    Thanks Jaka! <3

  • Ddp
    huge congrats to all, a job very well done :D

  • I should also mention, I really like the write up posted a long with the picture! Well done Eve, job well done xXx

  • Very Big congratulations to you guys!
    and rolf to the messy fight ^^

  • How did Borric turn into a goblin?

  • It started with a little green spot on his left shoulder…

  • … and we just thought that's one of his drag-queen fancy tattoos…

  • Oh dear, a goblin* I thought maybe someone just sneezed on him, a lot worse then I thought I guess =(

  • No seriously, which item turns you into a goblin?

  • Orb of Deception thingy?

  • orb of ugliness^^

  • Orb of turn-me-into-horde-moron.

  • Ddp
    potion of illusion works too