The Baradin Hold Problem.

As we all realize, Baradin Hold raid is a fast and easy way to get the T11 gloves and pants together with Valor Points. However the problem with this raid is that we cannot plan a run as we do with other raid instances because too much depends on the Alliance's PvP skillz which are close to null.

So from now on we'll establish a certain hour at which we will check the Tol Barad status and if we have it, we will be making a guild run. It won't matter if it's be 5,6 or 10 guildies with us. There is only one boss in there, so the guild experience loss will NOT be that much and we still manage to get our valor points AND hopefully upgrades on a weekly basis.

I will be checking the times of battles tonight, but I suppose the hour of this event would be around 9pm.

Also, after the certain week's run everyone will be free to PuG the place, but PLEASE remember to always (ALWAYS) ask in the guild chat if there aren't any more people willing to go with you.