Stop slacking and get to work!

In only a month we'll be experiencing the Pandemonium with Tai Chi school opening all over Azeroth and Feng Shui masters teaching us about the importance of balance between Yin and Yang.
We are anticipating the moment with anxiety, so why not use this time to sum up what'll be going on in the beginning :)


As a raiding guild that only happens to be totally social as well, boss kills are our priority and we put emphasis on getting ready and in best possible shape to the first raid instance. We're looking forward to the sweat, tears and laughter during all the fail pulls that happen at the beginning. Let's not forget it's team effort to finally kill that boss, so each member should remember to:

- try and max their professions to get appropriate bonus
- be up-to-date with their class changes and know theorycrafting of it in MoP
- FILL IN THE POLL!* and check the site REGURARLY

* For some of our younger members “the poll” may not mean much, because lately due to people being on breaks we didn't really use it for our raids. We did however use it during progression time, both Cata one and WotLK and we are planning to go back to it for MoP.

So…what's this whole poll about? It's about raiding duh! It's a spreadsheet that takes 2 minutes to fill in and in which you only write your name and your availability to raid during the coming week. Each guildie fills it in EVERY WEEK, because our raiding dates vary depending on YOU! If you cannot raid on a specific day (or whole week) you are still OBLIGED to fill in the poll saying you're not able to raid. Why you may ask… Very simple: we are waiting for you all before we make a run on the site, so your slacking just postpones message about the raid even more. If you slack with filling it in, you should expect being yelled at, called names, be loot banned or promoted to an Epic to feel the pain of trying to organize guild raids.

Here's the topic relating the poll results. As you see, we've been using this system for almost 70 (!!) weeks.


A few weeks ago I made this topic to have a rough number or Clique raiders. I must say I'm delighted to see so many of you will be coming back (more or less) and that leaves us with only a few classes we could actally use.

- Death Knight of any kind (although it seems we *should* be more than OK with tanks);
- Resto Druid. Once a guild of druids and raiding with 3 trees in WotLK… Unfortunately we were hit by the global warming that left us with none! We'd love to get one to our healing team;
- Warlock. Yes, the usual problem with warlocks and the Clique. The mixture is so bad, it very often ends with a disaster. So…to all warlocks reading us now: if you aren't a total jerk, why don't you apply to this crazy place?

As usual. Recruitment needs are NOT carved in stone, and if you think you'd fit into this community, you definitely should apply anyway.


Just as we had it in the beginning of Cata , we are announcing a MoP Profession Contest!

The first people that max out their PRIMARY NON-GATHERING PROFESSION will get from the Guild Bank ***FIVE THOUSAND GOLD COINS*** (upgrade from last year's 2k!) as a “thank you” for making it possible for the guild to get new enchants and gear. As last year, one person can only win one prize :)

As usual, remember that while you're making moniez and levelling your profs yourself, you may still want to share some of your treasure by putting it in the GB for others to use.

Winners so far:
Blacksmithing: NelfCronin
Enchanting: Drewy
Tailoring: Mai
Alchemy: Poke
Leatherworking: Eve
Jewelcrafting: Tray
Inscription: Morb

*GB Changes*

In the nearest future I will be focusing on selling old not needed things from the GB to make room for MoP gear, chants and food. You are all more than welcome to help me, so if you know you could use some of the stuff in GB to make money for it, please contact me. For those that missed the Cata GB post - The GB in MoP will be based on this one as I think it worked very well throughout the whole expansion.


I'm going to demote on the site the following Epic Jebuses: Saphiira, Coehoorn, Hirgon. They were AMAZING help back in the day and I'm sure we wouldn't have made it without all of them, but we are moving on in WoW just as they moved on with their Real Lives :) THANK YOU!!!

The rest of the Epic Team stays as it was: Ava, Eve, Hippo, Mai, Lili, Silph, Tenac. In the beginning of MoP there may be more changes depending on who decides to come back to playing and who chooses real life or other WoW obligations.