Guild Rules

The CoCK* of the Clique guild**

  1. Mai has always got the /rw ability.
  2. If the above is not true then leave the group and join a proper one.
  3. Bids for a mage sacrifice start at 50g a death.
  4. The GB can offer some help with donating money for a mage sacrifice.
  5. The only Locks accepted in this guild are the ones wearing leather and being draeneis.
  6. Exception to rule 5 is possible if one of the current guild member has gone mad and rolled a lock.
  7. Lolstorm pwns all.
  8. So does starlol.
  9. Starlol is also useful to incite the tank to pull more.
  10. There are two mandatory macros during raids: “/rw MOVE SAPOOH!!!11eleven1” and “/rw EPIC FAIL! GET OUT OF HERE NAOW!!!!1”. Those should be bound to keys 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.
  11. You can only go emo once a day. If there are other emos online, try and be more creative than razors, please.
  12. There is only ONE LolChicken! You have to bow to the Lolchicken once you log in!
  13. Jebus of the Week are awarded to the best failing hero… Jebus of the Life is, and it will always be, The Tree.
  14. Falling =/= Failing.
  15. No beer = no raiding.
  16. Tanks are always right. In the impossible case that tank is wrong the game restarts and adapts itself to make the actions of the tank right.
  17. If the tank decides to kill the healer, he is allowed to pull as many trash packs/bosses as he wants.
  18. Keep your HS safe. Best ask Evesath for advice about HS keeping.
  19. Respect each other and act in a mature way.
  20. You're ment to avoid lava PENISES.
  21. This CoCK is getting bigger with each cat's mrmrmr.
  22. If you think that our CoCK is too short, feel free to work on it.
All rules here may be subject to change or addition at any given time.
* Code of Conduct, Kuraw!
** If you don't understand it and were hoping to see something else, find another guild please.

Raiding rules

  • We're focused on progression. The Council takes into account people's availability in the upcoming reset period together with the group balance when deciding on who will attend a raid. ANY issue concerning invites should be discussed with the Council member asap to avoid bad feelings. No, we don't have (atm) any raiding days, as we are too dependant on one another.
  • We request focus during the raids which, in our opinion, is the best way to show respect towards other people's time and money. We don't forget that we pay to have fun, so any kind of craziness during raids is acceptable as long as you don't start with “oh, I don't know why they all died” stuff.
  • As we are a small guild, and never plan to get much bigger, you are free to PuG 25man runs as long as they dont share the same raid lockout with 10man raids. Please, ask in /g before you join such a raid if there's anybody else intersted in going with you.
  • On progression bosses we invite mains only (unless it is impossible to make run). If there are still progression bosses in current tier raid, we invite mains only for farm bosses too (to kill all needed bosses as fast as possible to have more time on progression boss). Progression boss is the one we haven't killed yet. When it has been killed, it is on farm status.
  • If there are only farm bosses in current tier raid left, we let alts in. But we try to keep 50:50 ratio for mains:alts.
Important updates you should read if you ever want to get into a raid.

Loot Rules

Below are loot distribution rules which are in use during our raids. If you have any questions, start running in panic and shout for help.

  • Rolling: main spec > offspec > alts. If you are invited on an alt char to a progression raid that toon is your main for this evening. If you are invited with your offspec, you can choose spec (main or offspec) you will be rolling for at start of the raid.
  • One loot per raid. If you have won something for main spec already, let the others gear up. If no one is interested, you can still roll BEFORE the offspec rolls. Tier tokens are an exception. After you have won a token, you are not eligible for next, until everyone else gets one too (applies only to tokens won during guild runs).
  • Sometimes Loot Council (Master Looter with Raid Leader or Epic Jebuses) can decide to give upgrade to someone else. Those are extreme cases like (but not limited to): item is very big upgrade for person A who attends our raids regularly and is a minor upgrade to well geared person B.
  • You shall not roll on any item on behalf of other raider.