Raid days poll for 28 July - 3 Aug

As usual, the raiding poll for this week is ready.

We don't have precise plan yet, but aim will be to down Putricide HM. Tomorrow in the afternoon or Thursday morning we will post raid plan for this weekend.


  • Consider me N.A. for all week if i don't resolve my pc problems… Atm is impossible to play wow, now i'll try to install another game to see if it's a graphic card's problem or not…

  • whats wrong with wow O.o?

  • Change of plans: I will be available saturday but not friday evening.

  • Change of plans in here too: we are available today (Thursday), but not tomorrow (Friday):)

  • err, someone must have changed my raid poll results :D
    I can't play on sunday (and now it says yes), and I cant on friday, but I CAN on saturday :D