Raid days poll for 21 - 27 July

Alright, poll for this week is ready! Plan is simple: focus on Putricide HM and clear all remaining bosses. All in two nights, if possible. Third night will be dedicated to RS.


  • Whoever wrote ‘able’ everywhere in the raiding poll, please say who you are – you wrote that in ‘name’ field too. ;D

  • >.< no idea who that was, but I vote for the JotW award!
    I want a screenie of it in the funny chats thread!:D

  • Well, that person is very very able ;)

  • Judging from the other responses, under the assumption people don't submit twice, I'd say that chances are high it's a mage.

    So far we're missing responses from:
    Kilari, Regi, Silph, Tirk & Bellanie (hope I didn't forget someone)

  • Regi took part in the poll (that's what he said on /g last night) so yeah, it must be him :D
    I'm not very surprised though :D

  • I was my bet too! :D

  • Zomg, BUKA IS BACK!! :D

  • ops… I'm able:P I tell you don't write the poll after drinking its end with fail…

  • Buka?

  • And btw !!! Good News everyones…. Putri is going to produce new ooze this week!

  • In the sense he will probably use some dr00ds (*look at the Failkin*) to feed his minions ^^… but don't worry we have plenty of druids.

  • i bought 5mins ago another prepaid so from friday to tuesday i can raid from 19:00 to end

  • Silph, Buka is my avatar - a scary monster from the Moomins cartoon, I used to turn the tv off when it was coming :D

    and thanks for teh info, Tandem.:)

  • think me made a mistake in the poll, in can raid tomorrow sat. from after 17 or so and not on sunday as im working evening :)

  • Would it be possible to schedule the raids earlier in the week? As (almost) everyone fills in the poll on wednesday, I should think with the plans to do 2xICC and 1xRS, it is doable to plan all the runs on thursday. That way people know a little earlier than the day itself that there is a run. I understand setups being made a little later, but it would be nice to have those done the day before the run is taking place.

    (That way people know if they're standby, need to prep some more or can just do some RL things in stead.)

    Just my 2c

  • Actually looking at the poll results it's quite visible when raids will happen and who will raid.

    But you are right and we will try harder to plan all raids on thursday.

  • It's not just for us, but also for people that potentially want to join the guild. Seeing the “we are slacking” all the time gives a worse impression than actually seeing stuff scheduled. :)

  • But we are slacking most of the time. Just not when we down a new HM and write a piece of news about it.

  • Erm, if somebody gets negative impression about us from seeing “we are slacking” posted on the website, then good for him, because he wouldn't fit the guild anyway. :) The same is true if he doesn't like rules, etc. Fortunately we are not taking part in any sort of popularity contest on Aszune. :)