It's not that we're slacking. We just decided to quit playing WoW like a month ago and there's no one online since then…
… and those who are not online and are not playing WoW at ALL managed to kill few bosses in the past two weeks.

As some nubz were slacking with announcing new kills, this IMBA LAZOR OWL will have to do this in bulk. Again.

In our first week of attempts in DS we were able to kill 5 new bosses. This week, also 6th one joined the team, and after some (pretty pwomising!) attempts 7th kill will be scored next time with no doubt.

Ultraxion was PITA last time, we managed to kill him 0,0000000000005s before berserk (a video of that kill will be posted soon). Problem with this boss was that there's no margin for slacking in DPS. One dps dead for 5sec and its hellloooo ooooneshot. Our 2nd kill on that boss was way easier, when we asked one healer to switch to DPS.


  • cool pic!:D

  • We rox!

  • I can still ‘gz’ as I haz login powa. Nice progress. Miss you. Enjoy DW, it's a fun fight.

  • Pes
    Got any tips for the normal mode DW fights Storm? Any help from a real raid guild would be appriciated.

  • Not for you nabs, no. GL tho :-)

  • Please Pes, let's not answer with sarcasm…

    And Storm.. we can read what you write on public forum.


  • :-) Soz Silph and I was being genuine Gz'ing, shame once again another childish remark from a ‘mature’ player, easy to hide behind the internetz. And I don't write anything on the forums regarding tactics.

    Better guilds than ours are waaaaaay ahead already, just enjoying the ride

  • Silph, why are you reading forumz without your morning double espresso shot? ;)

  • Thx Storm but now we have Regi tanking, he has a bunch of usefull tricks'n'tips, I'll ask him later, maybe he share a hint or two.

  • Storm I think you didn't read what I mean here, but it seems that not even Ava followed what I mean.

    I want to remark that The Clique is not a guild that partecipate to “the fastest possible clear up” so they are not for a rush. This not mean that they are bad guild as shown by the progression they are having without any fixed raid group composition and having a much more relaxed approach to raiding respect the “hardcore/semi-hardcore” guilds around.

  • Stormedge
    shame once again another childish remark from a ‘mature’ player, easy to hide behind the internetz. And I don't write anything on the forums regarding tactics.

    You come here trying to create drama.

  • Just Because We Can progression is quite drama.

  • who cares about just because we can OR the clique anyway? both are 10man guilds, they know shit about raiding. gtfo.

  • hush u,im putting things on fire here.

    (linux sux btw. so does MACOS)

  • you are all childish!!!!!~~ONE!11!!1111

    and tbh, Im on the verge of saying all 3 are crap ;(

  • Go command line then.

  • MAC OS rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lion is shit tho…

  • We raid 4 times a week, 2 hours a night and managed to clear to Warmaster in 2 hours on Weds, so doing sumthin right. Progression doesn't count until HC raids and NOOOOOW I understand Sil!

    There is no drama! or is there?

    Eve, if you want hints, ask me in-game…though I won't be back until Janvier so it won't happen unless you post here.

  • Still we are doing pretty well with 2 raids a week (less 3 h a night) and clear up to Spine with several wipes on Spine (very good attempts tho). Warmaster is a bit tricky for the rest The Clique is behaving very well.

  • o.O

  • No we're not Silph, we are wiping constantly because of crap dps, like Tray's mine or pes's, out tanks are crap, still gemming for stamina – like Ava, and chandak's dodge is a proper laugh. Hippo is still standing in shit and ninjapulling while Lil is hitting on dead gonny instead of keeping folks up. And our whole progression is based on an armory bug which copied our LFR achies as normal DS modes.

    But srsly.

    Who fucking cares, Silph?

  • I care to answer with the proper tone to posts that should not be done here. If you disagree from my posts it's up to you, but certainly your answer to my post is not your most civil and polite going out, for sure it is not appropiate on the public forum.

    In future if you have any problem with my posts I invite you to write me in private messages

  • woooot :D
    *gets more popcorn*

  • I don't care what you've said in that previous post, I just dont understand why did you post it at all. Why would you need to look for the excuses for our runs and performance? Is there anything wrong with our raiding? Seems like you're trying to explain why do we have “bad” progression, when its quite awesome acutally… Our guild and our raiding team do not need to state excuses like “we're not hardcore” or “our team raids only 2 times a week less than 3h so we're still 2 bosses short”. Again, who fucking cares how others look at it?

  • Excuses? I don't know where are you reading about excuses in my post neither if there is anything wrong in our raiding.
    Bad progression? I don't see it at all as bad progression and I still claim we are doing pretty well.

    It's me that react with a WTF to your posts seriously

  • Jeb z dzidy!

  • Jeb z dzidy! yourself!


  • And someone pls burns Mai's popcorn :P

  • *looks from behind her popcorn* I understood it in exacly teh same way as Eve, buuuut…we already established Mai's English and SIlph's English are from two different books^^

    *gets back to het popcorn* JEEEEEEEB z dzidy!

  • Spend that 1 zloty I gave you to polish language lessons, as I've already told you its "smuteczek* czek, czek, czek… ! ;)

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  • i liek cake.

  • For some reason I like “smuteczech” better. I wonder why…

  • hahaha :D

  • Changing one letter is not that bad :P and I improved a lot…

    Beside last time you told me it was


    So you also fail with a single letter.

    Since we estabilished that our language is different I am sure I will do a better job avoiding to write in english from now. Shame that it seems that I have problem to comunicate only with you.

    All the best.

  • with double T? not pissible! ;)

    and, only one emo a day, Silph. remember!

    Just because I have not raided HC bosses pre nerf does not mean I won't be doing it, I am in a much better guild now than I was raiding in previously (I didn't raid in Eluo so that doesn't count), so we will see in a month where my progress is - not that this actually matters to me/you.

    so, gtfo for real this time, Storm :)