Primordius and Dark Animus Down

Despite the fact that Primordius was a very boring fight and the next one didn't manage to make up for it, we cleared them off our way so we can see another inhabitants off ToT.
Dark Animus had some interesting mechanics. I'm sure other healers loved our tanks waving white flag waiting to be rescued from the big bad ballz. or a debuff that could kill a poor clothie just because he/she was linked to a tank :)

Special thanks go to Umer, who agreed to switch to DPS for the time being, so that we can have one of each tanks in our rotation. That's really appreciated! May the luck of rolls be with you! :)

Recruitment announcement: We're DESPERATELY in need of a MAGE or a SHADOW PRIEST! Apply naow!

The Saurok:

And the Big Bad Robot…too bad he wasn't XT's brother. The voice would be such a nice addition!

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  • 3 New kills last week, 2 kills this week… Progression is going well i'd say. We haven't yet hit a blocker.

    All we needed was a realm switch to get 10 nabs.