One word: the bridge

The boss itself is easy, nothing that we didn't know before we went there. It took us a few tries, but eventually we did what we're used to doing: Poke carried the healing team, Chandak both tanked and carried half of the dps0rs, nothing new here.

But the trash…OH THE TRASH AFTER. It was great fun tonight, but if we have to repeat that every reset then I'm afraid we'll soon see many people disappearing in the midst of RL cause of some unexpected issues happening ;)

Hopefully we'll keep up teh good work. So far second boss seems doable as well, it's just a bit more of coordination, communication and awareness demanding :)

Good job team!
Tanks: Ava, Chan (who both failed on the edge of the bridge and fell)
Healers: awesome Poke, sleepy Morb and rusty Mai
DPSorz: constantly-deaded-on-the-trash Tray, constantly-deaded-on-the-boss Thef, just-deaded Say, invi Vil and overpowered Splath