One foot in Orgrimmar

Another huge raid instance to go through for raid groups around the world - 14 bosses to down with the mighty Garrosh Hellscream waiting at the end of the road. That's going to be a long and tiresome experience as all final tiers have proven to be, but we've started early this time and with our raiders coming back from RL breaks I'm sure we're gonna speed things up this tier!

So far our team managed to down two bosses in the first wing - Immerseus and the Fallen Protectors. Immerseus was so ashamed of his demise, he didn't leave a corpse (i.e. we forgot to take a screenshot), but we do have a proof of the Protectors being off their duty right here for you!

Good job all!


  • Slackers! Only two? Kill faster, I need someone to carry me to my shield!

    Mai that's a really nice post! ;>

  • Would you like me to edit pictures more before sending? Adding instance name and boss name etc? Or is plain like this fine?

  • & yes Mai, very nice post from you, a little more serious then your usually *making me lol* criteria, but very good x

  • yes Mush, editing would be great!