Omnitron Defense System downed!

This time hug congratulations to our imba team, who – after bit long cata break – managed to prove we're still in pretty good shape.

This is 2nd cata boss we managed to kill, but 1st from PROPER raid, not some easy-peasy pugable Tol Barad ;)

Killing this one took us some time. Cata content is - fortunately - more challenging than we could expect after some poor HCs we've seen. Last night, after first try, which bring us to less than 6% boss' health, we had few looong wiping hours to eventually kill them all.

Ze squad:

So, congratulations, slackerz, get ready for moar! Magmaw is next on our list!


  • More reply on this?

    I think the fight is really unforgiven and stressful.. it has been ages I havent faced a so complete fight from my point of view, with interrupting, adds management, accurate positioning and scaring hp going down.. it really drained me like no other fight i remember in wrath..Some wrath fight was intense too, but none had so many components I had to manage at the same time.
    Contrarywise the worm seems pretty easier.

  • I know the poll is very important thing, but the kill one should be somewhere higher too!

    we're back! let the world know abut it!

  • Current poll = sticky
    Old poll and news = not sticky!

    But speaking about Omnitron…
    … while watching & reading tactics, I thought this fight will be pain in ze ass for me. 4 golems, each with 3 different abilities… which make 12(!) proper movement/avoidance scenarios.

    But after first night, as it appeared (again, ./flex) it's all pretty easy to follow. Imo, proper movement is a key to this fight, and it's not that you need to constantly move around, just be aware what tron is active atm and then group up, spread out, or move to the far end of the room. Easy peasy.

  • I am not complaining for the movement part.. that is the easiest.. but having to move in range of arcanatron for interrupt + in range of toxitron for add control and keeping doing dps with the priority list valid for frost mage plus trying to interrupt (looking at the casting bar of arcanatron) and freezeing too a lot of my stamina… maybe I am becoming too old for this!

  • Big gratzes!!!! 1 down 5 to go! :D

  • Silph…i already told you that we are becoming old for pvp… now if you add pve too it starts to be a problem:P

  • I am older than you Gonny.. there is still time for you!