That was painful… like…REALLY painful.
Whoever was in the guild when we got stuck on Cho'gall in Cata - this was just as awful.

Every minor mistake could result in a wipe, every unlucky combination of Mind Control with Force and Verve and we were losing people…Not to mention…THE DISCS! Seems dancing is not our thing :D

All in all, that fight was very disheartening for us. Especially after a few awful nights spent on Elegon. We will come back to him for sure, but we do need some imba dps for that… *hint hint newcommers!*

To sum up, The Clique has managed to overcome the difficulties yet again and we managed to kill shit even when we were down! CONGRATS EVERYONE!

oh, also…we killed some kings while back in MoV as well…that was too easy to even bother with screenshot though :)