Magm-awwwwwwwww! bites the... lava?

First thing first: congratulations to all our members that participated and had they credit in killing this nasty fire worm.

Whole kill took us, approx, ~3 raiding nights. This time, with nice bunch of ranged dps (2 mages, 2 bumkins) we managed to control nasty parasites. With few minor wipes Magmaw died on 4th attempt. Even if not perfectly executed (we had parasites spawn in melee range) it was still – perfectly played. We adjusted our positions used some CCs and overtake control of the fight.

After Magmaw was dead, we 3-shotted Omnotron and then gave some first wipes to Maloriak (and he (she?) seems to be easy too, so I guess moar progression inc soon!).

This kill bring us up to rank 19th in Aszune's Cata Raids charts!

Last night party:
  • Mishka
  • Maitia
  • Regisnox
  • Silpharion
  • Nydanos
  • Smasherx
  • Lilitha
  • Floggy
  • Aurox
  • Evesath