Legendary Retards in Action

No one would expect that a bunch of retarded slacors and total nubz is able to do this… but still, they achieved a lot last week…: Killed Yor'Sahj on Heroic Mode which bring us up to 3/8 HMs cleared in Dragon Soul, and pumping our guild to 19th place in Realm Rank among alliance guilds, and 25th place among all the guilds out here!
Even if we dont really care about being no1, this still quite nice thing to look at. And we're not done yet!

But let's get back to Yor'sahj fight… It wasn't _that_ easy for us like Morchok or Ultraxion HMs… it appeared to be rather tricky. From what I was able to notice, is that the most important thing was taking our time in doing, like, everything during this encounter. As Tray noticed, it's good not to switch to AoE adds asap, they can actually be ignored for quite a while, then, usually, we could focus on mana void or do some extra damage to the boss. Healers were also bit more cautious with healing while stacking debuff was ticking, but it seemed quite easy if you control it properly.
The most nasty combination we found, is when blue and red globules are spawned - then you have mana void, adds and healing debuff. Still, doable. A phase with double wave of adds was quite easy as we blow heroism on it.

Our first kill was achieved by these retards:

Good job team!

Now, thats not over yet… !

We have been finally able to finish of our Firelands Legendary Staff Questline!

TAAADAAAAAAAM: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

This is guild first staff (and probably last one :D). Why it took us so long, you might ask? Well, because, uhm, eeerm, yes. That. I mean, getting this questline done is pretty annoying in 10man raiding group. Even if we were doing HMs before DS was out, it was still not easy to get as many shards and essences as the Legendary needed. Then, when DS was released, we lost interest in doing FLs and we had problems organizing folks into Firelands Farm runs for the Legendary (QFR!).

From the ‘staff bearer’ point of view, this story is quite long and exhausting, and tbh, I don't want to have anything to do with any other guild legendary assinged to me the future :D It required me to be in 100% of all the guild runs in Firelands – I remember I skipped one run (the one when Beth died for the first time, I think). So you know, this whole story is like this: first, farming for shards in firelands, I needed 1000 of them, then also had to buy Sands of time - 3 pieces, 3000G each (9k total). After that, you're going into special, phased Nexus dungeon. This has to be soloed (can't even get in while in a party). Pretty nasty, I wiped there for like 2h, mages had this way easier than moonkins… Aaaaand then again, collect shit - 250 smoldering essences sucked from dead firelands bosses (they drop ~3 on normal mode, ~8 on HM). Annoying. But that was the last part of it, after getting 250 we then went to kill Ragnaros, who is then dropping his heart – last piece of the puzzle.

The whole storyline is epic, but the quests were annoying and simply boring, get 1000 this, 3 this, 250 this, talk to him, then her, then him, then kill this guy, then talk to me again and so on and so on. But the fact that you're able to pick Branch of Nordrassil and then Runestaff of Nordrassil is nice and rewarding, making it a bit more interesting till you're done.

But even if one, single player, is required to put that effort and get the job done, it still totally impossible to do without raid group, and I cant even imagine trying to get that with a PUG. So this is guild's job well done, with me just dragging the staff and the way up till tomorrow. As, unfortunately, this staff is not guild-bound, all you can have is a pet for 1500G (1350 if you're exalted, account bound - you need to buy just one) and a guild achie, you wont benefit from the staff itself, as I'm /gquiting because I got geared enuf. KKTHXBAI!!! *muahhahahahaah*

Oh, so phuny.

Just so you know, I do have ze videos from both, last Firelands run aaaand the final stage of the Legendary quest.

Good job, slacors! Thank you!

(and dont forget to pickup your Lil' Tarecgosa from the guild vendor!)