Please add gems and other JS items you can craft in the comments, so that some part-time gnomes can update this page later. When listing your designs please include: wowhead link to the gem, name of the gem and a colour of the gem.

Current Epic Recipes

This is a list of recipes we currently have. Jewelcrafters, please look at this page before you buy something so avoid duplication. Also please prioritize what you want to buy based on guildies requirements below.

Blue - Matches a blue socket
Stormy River's Heart (Mai)
Sparkling River's Heart (Mai)

Green - Matches yellow and blue sockets
Energized Wild Jade (Ava)
Lightning Wild Jade (Ava)
Regal Wild Jade (Ava)
Turbid Wild Jade (Tray)
Zen Wild Jade (Ava)

Orange - Matches red and yellow sockets
Artful Vermilion Onyx (Tray)
Crafty Vermilion Onyx (Mai)
Deadly Vermilion Onyx (Ava)
Inscribed Vermilion Onyx (Tray)

Purple - Matches red and blue sockets.
Accurate Imperial Amethyst (Mai, Tray, Ava)
Assassin's Imperial Amethyst (Ava)
Defender's Imperial Amethyst (Ava)
Glinting Imperial Amethyst (Tray, Ava)
Mysterious Imperial Amethyst (Ava)
Sovereign Imperial Amethyst (Tray, Ava)
Tense Imperial Amethyst (Tray, Ava)
Purified Imperial Amethyst (Tray)
Retaliating Imperial Amethyst (Tray, Ava)
Veiled Imperial Amethyst (Ava)

Red - Matches a red socket
Brilliant Primordial Ruby (Tray, Mai, Ava)
Flashing Primordial Ruby (Tray, Mai)
Bold Primordial Ruby (Tray, Ava)
Delicate Primordial Ruby (Tray, Ava)
Precise Primordial Ruby (Ava, Mai, Tray)

Yellow - Matches a yellow socket.
Fractured Sun's Radiance (Ava, Tray)
Mystic Sun's Radiance (Ava)
Quick Sun's Radiance (Ava)
Smooth Sun's Radiance (Ava, Tray)
Subtle Sun's Radiance (Mai, Ava)

Meta - Matches a head slot.
Agile Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai)
Austere Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai)
Burning Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai, Ava)
Destructive Primal Diamond (Tray, Ava)
Effulgent Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai, Ava)
Ember Primal Diamond (Mai, Tray, Ava)
Enigmatic Primal Diamond (Mai, Ava)
Eternal Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai, Ava)
Fleet Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai)
Forlorn Primal Diamond (Tray, Ava, Mai)
Impassive Primal Diamond (Tray, Ava, Mai)
Powerful Primal Diamond (Tray, Ava, Mai)
Reverberating Primal Diamond (Mai, Tray, Ava)
Revitalizing Primal Diamond (Tray, Mai)

Prismatic - Matches any colour of socket.


Widow Chain - Tray, Mai
Tiger Opal Pendant (Tray, Mai)
Skymage Circle (Tray, Mai)
Roguestone Shadowband (Tray, Mai)
Reflection of the Sea (Tray, Mai)
Lord's Signet (Tray, Mai)
Lionsfall Ring (Tray, Mai)
Heart of the Earth (Tray, Mai)
Golembreaker Amulet (Tray, Mai)
Band of Blood (Tray, Mai)


Jade Owl (Tray)
Sapphire Cub (Tray)


Jeweled Onyx Panther (Tray)
Jade Panther (Tray, Mai)
Ruby Panther (Tray)
Sapphire Panther (Tray)
Sunstone Panther (Tray, Mai)

Recipes we need

In comments post the names of gems you need. We will update this page with your requests. Jewelcrafters, please check what is needed and buy most needed gems first.