Heroic Sindragossa Killed!

It took us a while, but last night we have finally killed that annoying dragon! This sets our heroic iCC progression counter on 10/12. Time to one-shot Putricide and two-shot LK.

Thanks to all of you who helped to reach our goal (mostly by wiping a lot! :)) and congratulations to the kill team:
  • Aurox
  • Avallach
  • Evesath
  • Gonor
  • Kheres
  • Lilitha
  • Maitia
  • Regisnox
  • Roary
  • Silpharion

The better part of the team.

Who cares about the ice thombs anyway?


  • Haha.. love the ice tombs comment on the last piccy :p.
    Big grats to all :)

  • MMhhhh how can i come back to my lovely Ironforge after that you posted the second picture…damn… I have to find another home, Blackrock Mountain i am coming!!!

    Btw, Gz and thanks all :)

  • And special thanks to Mai, who logged her shammy to gief us some imba heals and heroism!

  • yup yup Mai rocked… though pumkins sucked :P

    (and no, my opinion isn't just an expression of jealousy of their dps, they just suck!)

  • Big gratz guys and gals! Keep up the great work! :D

  • Shame none has a pic of the collection of Icetomb we did on one of the first attempts… i guess it was 5 in a row.. pretty nice a record i guess ;).

    About the last pic I think it needs an explanation.. when we downed her we totally forgot to free two people that were in the icetomb… guess what happened? Sorry guys ;)

    I am joining to the special thanks to Mai and her little shammy.. luckly we had you, otherwise we should have Eve healing >.< *still scared*

    I am not going to comment on pic 2.. Gonny, seriously, now how you will ever step inside Irenforge.. really… i didn't expect that.

  • nice work :D