Heroic Blood Prince Council Killed

After a bit of silence and slacking we are back with a Blood Prince Council Heroic (10 man) kill. This sets us at 9/12. Excellent job guys!

Dear Lich King, please get ready for a heroic visit at your throne. Jebuses and a raiding dead man can't wait to kick your ass.


  • The start was O.K. with some nightmare tries on Sarufang… from then it went sooo fast I think I haven't laughed so much on a sober raid for a long time :D

    once again, grats to all!
    amazing effort on the council :)

  • Nice done guys :)…but but i am sad, because i didn't complete the secret plans that Arthas wisphered me… He told me to cause a wipe during the Blood Queen's fight, i really tried hard biting Eve instead of Regis, but damn we killed the Queen :P

    It will go better next time, you will be mine :P Arthas is really corrupting my “noble” dwarf's soul"…

  • wow, well done guys :D gratz!

  • GZ!! So, more ranged dps was the key? ;)

  • Yeah, that made fight much simpler. And once everyone got used to the encounter (3rd attempt or so) we have killed them really smoothly. From what I heard from Mai, ranged don't have much time for dpsing the boss, kinetic bombs are really engaging. ;)

  • yeah, all we do is try to stand in one place and look for those bombs (which is hard on this freaking screen!!!), very strange fight, cause we don't pew pew!!! :D

    and Gonny… NOBLE soul? ahahahha! :D