Halfway Through Mogu'shan Vaults

While some people were busy gearing up through fishing, our outstanding team killed the third boss (Gara'jal the Spiritbinder) in MV.

We also improvised very well on the fourth one and almost got him! Those annoying 5 secs long casts… too much time to think.

The team: Ava, Pes, Rox, Tenac, Mai, Splath, Cro, Jelly, Tray, Chan.

Well done!


  • Great evening, one of the best in months for me (yes, partly because I could slack as a dps on Gara'jal…but no only!) Imba atmosphere, bit more focus needed from time to time, but all in all a suberb night! perfect goodbye for Splath as well. Thanks for everything, nab. I *really* hope you'll be back to raiding with us when you return from teh Army <3

    Grats to all the loot winners!

    and huge <3 for Chan for speccing bazoomkin so that we have another ranged :D

  • PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW!! no probs :D was fun raiding dps. not done that for a long long long time and yes all the best Splath, hope to see you back for T15!!

  • Grats! Good to hear u guys are doing so good and im obviously jealous cause i cant join u :P.

    Take care Splath, hope to see u back online again soon.

  • /proud!
    Let's keep this going :)