Half way there.

A little bit late news about our last progression kill. Scored on Thursday, 03-02-2011.
Maloriak is now on the dark side of the moon.

Killing this one was a pain. Even if tactics says it's an easy boss I can tell you – its not. Mostly because of the uber frustrating bugs. Happened to us few times, that wen we were doing good and attempt seemed to has big chances on downing this boss down he (she?) simply… disappeared. Sux.

World of logs shows we've killed Maloriak on 4th or 5th try this evening. I'm not sure if WoL counts all those attempts that bugged. But still, score is a score. After we learned how to control and kill adds we had to struggle whit… to high dps. As boss was going down before we managed to reach 2nd green phase to kill adds. A little fix here and we can finally move out to our next Blackwing goal – Atramedes.

Also, while having Maloriak down, we've reached half of the kills from the latest content (in normal modes). So now, The Clique is placed with 6/12. Way to go!

Maloriak kill was recorded, and performed by:

YouTube video available here.


  • har har har, Coe's got really feminine voice in there :D
    also, I was wondering if I did the “Healer will sleep now, don't die plox” trick on the kill.. yup, around 5:00 you can see me Zzzing in the healing rain :D

  • Pot. of concentration, I guess?

    I've been using it on some attempts too, to prevent me from going ooom with hurricane mana drain ;)

  • Gratz mates, awesome!