Guild Bank in the beginning of Cata.

Our Guild Bank is almost clean, yay! Here's a bunch of notes about what is left and why.

  • Tab 1 is almost empty, remember to fill it with things you think others may need: reputation tokens, low-level blues and epics. etc.

  • Tab 2: As you may have noticed, we did not sell our flasks/feasts and there is still a lot of these. They will stay in tab 2 but you may use them more freely. Take them when you start leveling or go to a dungeon. WotlK fish feasts are to be taken ONLY on guild runs though.

  • Tab 3: This place will be filled with items needed to level professions in Cata, you will be able to withdraw things from there for 1/3 of their AH price.

  • Tab 4: For now it will serve as a place to stock mats for future raids. When we start raiding, new flasks, food and other useful items will be moved to tab 2 as it was in WotLK.

  • Tab 5: Cata levelling stuff: this will be the place where you PUT stuff you don't need, but they are still very valuable. New flowers, new leathers, cloths, whatever that may help our guildies level their professions.
Remember that the faster we get maxed professions in the guild, the better gear we'll have :)