Glory of the Ulduar Raider

After few nights, without rush, step by step, we've gathered achi by achi, to score little Glory Of The Ulduar Raider.

And of course, wasn't a problem for us (/yawn?)… despite few wipes on Sara's trash mobs (lear to avoid the clouds, ffs! ;)), or earlier stupid pulls on Freya's guardians (no, Kheres, you're not supposed to PULL the guardians!).

Anyway, the Rusted Proto Drake arrived here today!

Many thanks to the contributors (also on the picture starting from the left):
  • Valandil
  • Lilitha
  • Maitia
  • Evesath
  • Avallach
  • Kheres
  • Regisnox
  • Pesetero
  • Aurox
  • Sael

And folks from the previous runs!