GB needs

This post will be stickied on the forums for future reference.
Also a sidenote, we will be having some guild bank changes soon, will write about it soon too :)


Materials for enchants, those are (in order of most important and most often needed): Heavenly Shard (mostly cause we don't do “normal” HCs it's hard to get it - I usually buy it for JPs in Stormwind); Greater Celestial Essence and Lesser Celestial Essence.
Last but not least: Maelstrom Crystal and Hypnotic Dust.
For the uber good bracer enchants we also need volatiles: Volatile Air for teh +agi ones, Volatile Earth for teh +Str ones, Volatile Water for teh +Int ones.

Materials for raid food. We only need 3 different kinds of fish and these are: Highland Guppy fished in schools in TH, Fathom Eel fished in schools in Tol Barad and Uldum and worst one: Lavascale Catfish - worst because there are no schools of this one, you just have to go to Uldum and fish there. This fish is also used for the +mastery food which is beter for (some)tanks and we are trying to keep it in teh bank because of that. All other fishies are fine, btu as we should be eating best food possible, these fish are considered not so important.

Raw gems - obviously the most important are Inferno Ruby as we tend to have too few of these (although we'll be making sure we have mroe of them now), we also use a lot of Demonseye and Ember Topaz.

Also a note in here guys, if you notice that there's a really good gem for your class that is not being stocked in the GB please contact an Epic to change it. We don't know eveyrthing about every class and we may forget about something.

Flowers - we need ALL cata flowers for flasks and potions. Together with Volatile Life

Materials for item enhancements
- Pyrium Bar and Elementium Bar for belt buckles (can be ores not bars)
- Blackened Dragonscale and Pristine Hide for leg armors (the latter ones are made from Heavy Savage Leather made from Savage Leather), so whichever leatrhers you've got, we may use them.
- Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
and Powerful Enchanted Spellthread for our casters

Guys, this post is NOT a sign we suddenly need your help to stack teh GB. you all know we have a LOT of money in there and we're using it to stack the bank with useful stuff. It is only to tell you that IF you are wondering what is needed, this is teh list to check :)


  • WHAT WE DON'T NEED in the GB

    - greenies - better send them to an enchanter to DE and put dusts to teh GB instead of stacking green items.
    - food that gives nothign else than being fed
    - old crappy stuff like TBC gems, white/green level items. before you put an old item in the gb, please make sure it's actually worth doing it (wowhead is your friend)

  • Ddp
    any greenies folk dont want feel free to send to me & ill happily DE them for u & either send em back or put into GB, your choice ofc :)

  • Send all greenies to Silph, he and his empty bags will be happy to be filled with useless items :P

  • And also feel free to DONATE LARGE NUBERZ OF GOLD with a note “FOR EVESATH”. Thank you.

  • some pics from our fishing party today^^

    and as usual, I failed with pics… at least they didnt go out of borders though :D