Fun from Apps!

We often comment on the apps in /g chat telling people their answers were stupid or that this or that was the best thing someone has written in that space. Well, be happy guys cause I've prepared some best of the best quotes from our applications!

What is your main spec and why?
  • “I be Tree bcuz I HoT and go afk!” (Sapooh)
  • “Resto druid is my main spec. Why? Tree = win” (Rox)
  • “Enhancement , because i want to be bad ass like thrall! ” (Poorly)
    but the true winner is VAN:
  • “Main is from right to left, though, going to change it to left-to-right, as soon as I hit 70 (easier to get a dungeon party this way).”
Tell us about your alts:
  • “My alt is named Hirgon, he is pretty nubs”(Saphiira)
How would you characterize yourself as a player and a guild member?

Most of you did actually understand the question and answered it in a nice way describing their playstyle. The winner is Pes with his brilliant answer:

  • “Aces”
What are the best and worst points of your class in raids?
  • “Best - Treez look imba! Worst - Global warming is threatening our species!” (Sapooh)
  • “Imo priest is most flexible healer of them all atm and can fill any healing role needed by raid. Worst points.. err.. im sorry, but i dont understand the question, healing priest obviously has no bad points :P” (Lil)
  • “Worst point of resto shammy is we don't have a disc priests bubble, how over powered is that! ” (Kresnica)
  • “best is that it's totally OP, worst is that it's boring as hell” (Pes)
What is your sense of humor? Tell us a joke.
  • I love playing my pally? (Van)
  • Why was there so few Slovene supporters on Slovenia vs. England WC football match?
    Cause majority of Slovene population was on the field playing. (Lil)
  • How do men get excersize at the beach?
    By sucking in their stomachs every time they see a bikini (Roary)
  • “Van tanking” (Kresnica…or should I say Lil? :P)
  • “What do you do if a moron throws a grenade at you?
    Pull the pin and throw it back at him.” (Poorly, although he says he had a better and dirtier one prepared! I demand the first one published!)
  • “What did the snail who sat upon a turtle's back say?”
Describe one crazy thing you've done recently (in real life or in game).
  • BBQ'd my own branches! (Sapooh)
  • “I decided to be a teacher, does it count?” (Van)
  • “Went to 14 days holiday to England with one pair of long trousers and 4 pairs of shorts.. didnt really need those.. Hmm… not sure if that qualifies as crazy tho.. maybe just plain stupid.” (Lil)
  • “This application” (Pes and Poorly…scary tbh)
And the best question cause it was about teh best thing… our CoCK!

Write at least one rule you think is missing from our CoCK?
  • “A good question. Your CoCK seems long enough already. Any longer and I would feel embarrassed.” (Van)
  • “Should be an addition of gnome sacirifices on top of mage one imo. Bonus points for gnome mage sacirifice combo.” (Lil)
  • “must md to mages” (Roary)
  • “Can skip beer if you have wine.” (Kresnica)
  • “If things look bad Tirkad can always solo heal it!” (Bellanie)
  • “Mai can never use her phoenix in my presence (I was so robbed off that day!)” (Rox)
  • “Your favourite Top Gear host should be Captain Slow”

I hope those quotes made you giggle at least a little just as they made us. And as we are a small guild, why not share these things with others not only the ebul Epics? :D
Some of these ideas will be added to our CoCK in the nearest future…cause we don't want out CoCK to stay so short, do we? :)


  • My personal favorite is “My alt is named Hirgon, he is pretty nubs” by Sapooh. This alt is completely nubs. Just check out armory, doesn't even have a spec. :)

    And c'mon Poorly, tell us your original joke. :)

  • Yeah, original joke, or NO LEWT! ;)

    oh, and -50 dkp!

  • haha, nice reading on a bad morning ;) Miss you gusy!

  • SAPOOH!!!!!! *jumps around like crazy* Sapooooooh!!! \o/