Four Snakez, One Bird and a Huge Eye....

This week we added to our counter three new bosses:
  • Meaeagaeyeyeaayaeara, which would be a total PITA for the color blind mage without the Undying title
  • Ji-Kunt, that dumped a whole bunch of green shit onto us
  • Durumu, a bitch that has no mercy for your lag
We also aquired some new guildies:
  • Mushka that still says “I love youuuuu” when you ask her nicely:
  • two new DKs (seriously! this realm is full of those, you can even choose a hairstyle of the one you're accepting in your guild): Umer and Berka
  • Alxj who decided to apply to our guild eventually after a week of raiding as a PuGger with us and then realizing we had guild repairs for guildies! :p*
Good job team, WTB more new kills!

*After they successfully pass their recruitment period, mwahahaha!