Please add formulas you own in the comments, so that some part-time gnomes can update this page later. When listing your formulas please include: wowhead link to the item and name of the item.

Formulas we have

This is a list of formulas we currently have. Enchanters, please look at this page before you buy something so avoid duplication. Also please prioritize what you want to buy based on guildies requirements below.

Peerless Stats - Eve. Mai
Enchant Boots - Mastery - Eve, Regi
Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise - Eve
Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed - Eve, Mai
Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina - Eve, Mai
Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect - Eve
Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery - Eve, Mai
Enchants Boots - Lavawalker - Mai, Eve, Regi
Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength - Mai
Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step - Mai
Enchant Bracer - Greater Critical Strike - Mai
Enchant cloak - Greater Critical Strike - Mai
[Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent - Mai
[Enchant Weapon - Windwalk - Mai
[Enchant Weapon - Landslide - Mai

In comments post the names of items you need. We will update this page with your requests. Enchanters, please check what is needed and buy most needed formulas first.