Clique Raiding


As most of you know, we are a group of raiders. For some we're hardcore, for some just very skilled and crazy. Obviously we prefer the other description. Our raiding rules don't require you to join any special amount of raids a week/month or year (which for us IS hardcore), but we require you to come prepared.

Being prepared in the Clique means with tactics in your head. That doesn't mean learnt by heart. You don't need to know all the names of bosses' abilities or things that are not useful for you. What we want you to know is the general idea of the fight, the things you should be aware of. We're doing a reminder of the tactics before engaging a boss of course, but writing 20lines of text or listening to Silph doing tactics on TS is just too damn boring. Better listen to Tirk saying something in Italian, believe me. Additionally, you should come with flasks (available FOR FREE from the GB as long as you're taking them for a guild run) and food (usually taken from GB too).

As a new guild (formed a year ago, but only lately really getting into business), we've got one goal to achieve in the nearest future and we'll be trying our best to get it as fast as we can. Killing the Lich King and opening our way to the hard modes of ICC is what we'll be striving to achieve now. That's why we're extending the instance tomorrow so we can have more practice in the LK fight.

oh BTW, I'd like to thank everybody that is taking part in what we're experiencing now, both in guild and outside, in game and on the forums, with mains or alts. <3 you guys :)

PS. 8manning the Blood Queen IS possible ;)