Cata Professions Contest!

Greetings everyone,
as you all know, I've been working for the past month to empty the GB and get us nice goldz for Cata. I've been selling mostly the trash stuff (tab 1 and some enchants from WotLK mats) and it gave us around 5k g so far:)

The most expensive stuff is still in there, so if you haven't maxed out that Blacksmithing or just cannot live without that one socket empty, please take whatever you need and USE it. Small change in tab 3 withdrawal system for these few days though: the price of things is now… whatever you wanna pay :)

Stuff from tab 2 will be used while we do Cata 5mans, so we keep them in there for now :)

And now focus! We're announcing a Cata contest!
The first people that max out their PRIMARY NON-GATHERING PROFESSIONS will get from the Guild Bank ***TWO THOUSAND GOLD COINS*** as a “thank you” for making it possible for the guild to get new enchants and gear.

This money will be given to a JEBUS that has hit level 525 of a non-gathering profession. One Jebus can only get one prize, so even though we'll greatly appreciate you maxxing out 2 or more professions, we want to give the money to more people :)

Also, while we are leveling these professions and want to share with what we've already learnt, tabs 2 and 3 will be more than happy to accept your donations for other guildies :)

Let's kick some cataclysmic achies!
~the Epics

FIrst Clique to max out Insctiption: Mishka! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Enchanting: Evesath! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Alchemy: Lilitha! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Engineering: Pesetero! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Blacksmithing: Gonny! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Tailoring: Mai! (prize given out)
First Clique to max out Jewelcrafting: Floppy!

grats guys!


  • AMGAD WHAT A STUPID IDEA FFS!!!~~ kkoneterminator

  • gotohell :p

  • Omg now i will not sleep and not eat till i ding first:P

  • In case you haven't noticed it's not a race to reach 85 Regis, but it's about reaching the professions maximum.

  • Good luck, everybody.

  • To all people that level their professions already: please let us know by posting in this topic when you hit that level 525! I'm online very seldom this week due to my imba work so I may miss it:) Don't be shy please :)

  • One more thing.. i know some/all of u dont really care about achiveremenenets, but some of guild achis are actually quite good. If we do them we get some useful recipes for reward, so..

    ..all the fishers, try to fish in fish pools. Fishing in fish pools gives achi that rewards Seafood Magnifique Feast, which is equivalent to fish feast we had in WotLK. If u can choose try to fish Highland Guppy, Lavascale Catfish or Fathom Eel. Thos fishes are used in that recipes. If u can afford not to sell em (and if ur not a cook urself) keep em (or throw em in gbank) so we will have mats for later.
    Every1 that is trying to get flasks (prolly not that far yet, but eventually we will be) and doesnt get em from gbank or craft em urself try not to buy already made flasks, but buy mats instead and let any guild crafter make flasks for u. Crafting flasks counts for another achi that give us cauldron recipe as reward. To make a cauldron u need 3 or 4 flasks (not sure) and u get 7 flasks out of them, so nice bonus for raiding. If u have flasks made by guild crafter u should check who has elixir/flask specialization as those crafters have a chance to craft extra flasks from same mats. Im on of them (selfpromotion ftw!) but cant make any new flasks yet, they all need 525 skill and im currently sitting on 465 or so.

    TL;DR: do achis! Yes Eve, im looking at u! Moar achis, moar!

  • YESH we all NEED achis! MOAR ACHIS, hell, we need to state this in our CoCK!

    Speaking of professions, there are some enchants in the GB, if you need. And if you have any DE mats left, toss them there plox ;)

  • great addition, Lil, and not that we don't care about achies, but we're not whining to get them :D

    I'd extend the list that Lil has made: just throw to the GB everything which you don't need (and are not fussed about all ze money): mats for food, cloths, ores…someone needs it for sure :)

  • I win I win I win!!!! Ding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Gratz to Mishka/Kresnica that maxxed Iscriptionist!

  • wooop woooooop! :D

  • congrats :)

  • Enchanting 525 \o/

  • grats Eve!!!!

  • GotoHell!

  • Im not first but 2nd in enchanting:) you can write it down also:)

  • Alchemy and cooking done.

    Treasure potion tried out.. bit disappointing.. got 2 extra chests with about 2-3g in each and 3 volatiles in one of them. In 1 hour.. was not really grinding mobs, just questing, but still..

  • I added you to the list in the first post already, nab:P again, grats!:D

  • Ooo err.. didnt see there is a list.. :P

  • lol nab :P gratz x

  • Lilitha
    Ooo err.. didnt see there is a list

    no worries, I've JUST realized I only wrote “first Clique to max out Alchemy” and forgot to add your name :D

  • fishing and cooking count?:> cose im 525 on them also:P

  • Nope. As it is stated in the announcement, only primary non-gathering profs count. :)

  • Yes but you can write them to teh table:P If you want:P

  • then I think Lil was first in cooking :p

  • Pes
    525 Engineer signing up

  • grats Pes and grats Gonny!:D

  • grats Floggy :D and guys, remind me about your prizes when you see me online plox:D

  • dont forget!!
    First Clique to max out Leatherworking: Evesath!

    hell yeah!