Please add plans you own in the comments, so that some part-time gnomes can update this page later. When listing your plan please include: wowhead link to the item and name of the item.

Plans we have
This is a list of plans we currently have. Blacksmiths, please look at this page before you buy something so avoid duplication. Also please prioritize what you want to buy based on guildies requirements below.

Mists of Pandaria recipes:

Living Steel Belt Buckle (Tray, Ava)

Contender's Revenant Belt (Cronin, Tray)
Contender's Revenant Bracers (Cronin)
Contender's Revenant Boots (Ava)

Stuffz we don't have yet:
Contender's Revenant Shoulders
Contender's Revenant Legplates
Contender's Revenant Gauntlets
Contender's Revenant Breastplate

Ghost Reaver's Breastplate
Ghost Reaver's Gauntlets

Breastplate of Ancient Steel
Gauntlets of Ancient Steel

Living Steel Gauntlets
Living Steel Breastplate