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Garrosh is deadedededed


Forum Ranks Reorganisation


Back to two kills per week


We screwed our kill ratio


Two feet, a gnome and an epic shield in Orgrimmar


One foot in Orgrimmar


RIP Lei Shen


11/12 and a pr0 piece of news about it!


Primordius and Dark Animus Down


Four Snakez, One Bird and a Huge Eye....


Update on Progression


One word: the bridge


Three in One Deaded Bosses


Blade Lord Ta'Yak wasn't careful with the blades


Will of the Emperor is no more


Oh yeah, we killed 2 weeks ago :)




Halfway Through Mogu'shan Vaults


Come to life, Thong-boy!


We're back!


Stop slacking and get to work!


Legendary Retards in Action




This Expansion Is No More




the Ultimate and Definite GB Post


GB needs




Old news!


The good, the bad and the ugly.


Runnin low on bosses. From now on.


Tuuuuuurn aroooouuund!


Amagad a SPIDER!


Sh(ine)annox (on) you crazy diamond


Nerfed Nefarian Nicely Nailed


Al'Akir knocked off the platform


A handful of raiding tips'n'tricks


Welcome Gnomes!


You are dead, Mr. Cho'gall


Pew Pew Pew


International Day of a Cat.


Holy Crit and the Knights of Round Britney


Hello Newcomers!


Half way there.


The Baradin Hold Problem.


Double Kill


Halfus Wyrmbreaker out of progression list.


Magm-awwwwwwwww! bites the... lava?


Omnitron Defense System downed!


Guild Bank in the beginning of Cata.


Cata Professions Contest!


Poll 1.XII - 7.XII


Ze poll!


Fun from Apps!


Raiding Poll for days 17.11 - 23.11


Raiding Poll for days 10.11 - 16.11


Heroic Putricide Downed


Raiding Poll for days 03.11 - 09.11




Raiding Poll for days 27.10 - 02.11


Heroic Sindragossa Killed!


Raiding Poll for days 20.10 - 26.10


Glory of the Ulduar Raider


Raiding Poll for days 13.10 - 19.10


Raiding poll for days 6.10 - 12.10


Raiding poll for days 29.09 - 5.10


The Starcallers!


New raiding poll


Raid days poll for 15-21 Sep


Raid days poll for 8-14 Sep


Raiding Poll for 01-07 Sep


Raiding in the nearest future


Raiding Poll for 25-31 Aug




Raiding Poll for 18-24 Aug


Raid days poll for 11 - 17 Aug


Heroic Blood Prince Council Killed


Raid days poll for 4 - 10 Aug


Raid days poll for 28 July - 3 Aug


Raid days poll for 21 - 27 July


Blood Bitch HM down!


Raid days poll for 14 -20 July


Another two HMs cleared!


Halion down!


Raid days poll for 6 -13 July


Raid days poll for period: 30 Jun - 6 Jul


Heroic Lady Deathwhisper pwnd!


Raid days poll for period: 23-29 Jun


Heroic Plague Wing is going down!


Marrowgar hard mode down!


Raid days poll for period: 16-22 Jun


The Kingslayers!


Raid days poll for period: 9-15 Jun


the Guild Bank R00lez!


Raid days poll for this week


Clique Raiding


We're up and running!