A handful of raiding tips'n'tricks

The Clique has always been a progressive raiding guild. Whether our progression was going as a blast or a little slower, we've always been trying to raid in the same way: fun yet demanding.

This is a list of the most important factors in our raiding (all of them are either in our rules or in the recruitment form)

We raid on our main toons
The only exception to that is made when the Raid Leader/Epic Jebus asks you to switch to a better (from the raid's point of view) character. That may happen when we lack a certain role in the raid most often, as the class balance is not really important to us.

We try to excel at out roles
The reason we all have to have “main” raiding toons is that we want our members to focus the most on that specific role/spec/class. Nobody prevents you from being very good at more of your toons (especially when you have the time to learn everything) or to invite them all in the guild, but we will be paying attention to your main's performance and gear.

Every raider can raid
If you state that you want to start raiding, you'll be given this possibility. As a fist timer though it's your duty to make the best possible impression on the rest of the raid. Please read this if you're interested in raiding: A list of main toons

Fill in the poll
If you want to raid, it's your duty to fill in the poll each week. The poll is usually available from Sunday midnight till Tuesday midnight giving you 48hours to fill it in. If you still forget about doing it, you can always ask an Epic to activate it again.

Respect other raider's time
If you want to raid and you've filled the poll, it is your duty to check the site every day to notice line-ups being published. If you are in the line-up (even as a reserve) it's your duty to let us know if something has changed and you CANNOT come. Try to be online at least 10minutes before the raid's starting time.

Main spec > offspec > alts
If you are invited on an alt char to a progression raid that toon is your main for this evening. If you are invited with your offspec, you can choose spec (main or offspec) you will be rolling for at start of the raid.

Let us know what your main toon is
Recently we've gotten a few new raiders with tons of alts. Some of us on the other hand are seriously thinking of changing their main toons. We'll require everyone to list their main toon's name and role as well as their main alt's name (ONLY if you really want to raid on it).

Progression raids are for big boiz
On progression raids we're trying to take the best set-up possible, experience- skill- and gear-wise.

Let us know what you think
Whereas this post is not something to discuss (it just states what we are about in a concise way), we do want to know how you feel about it. So if you don't understand something or have some additional questions, you're more than welcome to post them here or whisper an Epic - just a tip: better not whisper Mai, as there's a possibility she may bite :)

Adapted from http://cliqueguild.com/rules/