Title SoO p2
Description Cntinuation from thursday.
When Sunday, Feb 02, 2014
20:30 -- 23:30
What MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar
Organizer Maitia


  • Starting from THok :)

  • Can be there, can bring my monk if you really need the healer or my DK which ever is needed.

  • i can make it

  • Caldera
    i can make it
    Caldera this dropped today btw

  • you're mean…

  • Maitia
    you're mean…
    Nar, photoshoping it getting disenchanted would of been mean.

  • Maitia
    you're mean…

    Yet funny.

  • Im going to go ahead and say I can't make it, seems better to push this into Monday, Mai said she can't make it.. and we aint killing for fun its for loot.. so Id rather wait for her.

  • I'll be there

  • I added another run for Monday. Whichever gets more people will happen. I dont mind not going (I really cba with the trinket anymore), but it may be the case that you miss people on Sunday.

    So PLEASE accept/decline OR reply on the forums if you can attend Sunday, Monday or both. One of them will happen.

  • Ill be there, Garrosh Kill yes please!!! No slacking… Lets kill this MOFO!

  • Cant make it sunday, up for tomorrow though

  • Nabz, Bekki asked me to forward this yo you: she wont be around for a while:

    We have power at this moment but no idea how long it will last. We have freaky weather, all the trees are completely frozen and falling apart, shattering on the way down and taking down power lines with them.


    Posladek says HI!

  • Say what?

    Von Berlin nach Irland, ja ja panzerfaust?

  • Thanks Eve! Power is up AGAIN. But I will not raid tonight, the weather is getting worse & more and more trees are falling. The building next door is all in darkness. I will focus on laundry while I have power and not have the stress of losing power during raid ;)

    This weather is continuing for a few days, Slovenia is officially having a national crisis so I really wouldn't rely on me this week X

  • Pes
    Left it late because I didn't know for sure but I can't raid tonight or tomorrow due to work.


  • My town ;)

  • i take it there's no raid tonight then?

    i'll check the site again closer to raid time. keep us updated plox

  • Whao… That looks cool… :P