Title [Cancelled] SoO HC (Sunday)
When Sunday, Jan 19, 2014
20:30 -- 23:15
What MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar
Organizer Vilmari


  • BTW, I'm not sure if I'm tentative or confirmed in the calendar, but certainly can come tonight.

  • Yes you had accepted. We have 2 healers, 3 tanks and 2 DPS. (excluding camel bob since his gear isnt upto HC)

    Splath, Batu, Tray, Ceador, France? Can anyone of you make it?
    Flims can you be the third healer? can you make it?

  • Normal mode this week before the nerf bat?

  • Nitroflash
    Normal mode this week before the nerf bat?

  • I am just hoping that the nerf bat doesnt stop me getting the Ahead of the Curve achievement

  • Batu is going to be here and SPlath will join as well if it's only him missing, so if u have Flimss, you should be fine.

    If you're not 10 at 8.30, cancel please.

  • Guys I can be available after all but my ilvl is only 539 so it's up to you if you want to take me.

  • i cant make it 20.30 but maybe get there by 21.00