Title SoO HC (Sunday)
Description Read up/watch tactics for the first two wings.

Norushen HC is the same fight as normal really, its a simple dps race so its worth getting there quickly within the reset instead of getting stuck on the protectors which I think might happen since its more of a change and it requires the extra action button :D.

Norushen Changes;
5 Golden Orbs instead of 2.
DPS never soak since the DPS requirement is so high.
DPS inside the realm kill the little adds then the big add last.

From what I could gather from the hc attempt eariler in the week this is the order they use.
2x DPS, 1x Tank
2x DPS, 1x Healer(this should be the best hps healer & never soaks)
2x DPS, 1x Tank
(should be very close to 50% now) 1x Tank, 1x Healer(this healer should of been soaking if the tanks are full before this point)
Hero & Kill & Loot.

Nazgrim is also another easier kill for HC along with Sha of Pride (although I hope the DPS like pacman)

Boss #1

Boss #2

Boss #3

Boss #4

Boss #5

Boss #6

Boss #7

Boss #8
When Sunday, Jan 12, 2014
20:30 -- 23:30
What MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar
Organizer Vilmari