Title [Cancelled] SoO HC

as of 23:57 server time sunday.
When Monday, Jan 06, 2014
20:30 -- 23:30
What MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar
Organizer Vilmari


  • 90% I'll be here:) may be a bit late though as we'll be coming back from yet another party :)

  • There's only 1 MS healer accepted though, both hc fights require 3.. Maybe first boss 2 healers.. Protectors is a high hps fight based on what fatboss said.

  • Can somebody poke Flimss and ask him to make up his mind about his availability tonight then?

  • i wont be able to make it :/

  • Not seen flims so far, I would suggest you stay at your party and we call this again… others cant seem to make it don't see why the select few should bother

    Tuesday is pretty much the same with most of the geared people tentative or still just invited.. so I would also suggest leaving this week and start guild running next reset.

    What you think? because I know a guild which need a tank for a hc run tonight and tomorrow if we can lockout.. I wouldn't mind using some of my 10 bonus rolls or 3K vp cap on some hc kills/gear

  • Cancelled due to the virus of tentativity (yes, I just invented that)

  • er… i was gonna post here to say i could make it tonight…

    is it cancelled for sure?