Vilmari, Jebus of the Week

Awarded on: June 19, 2013

For saying that Aliena has a nice voice. Seriously...



  • a-hah! the awardz are back!

  • who's this Aliena?

  • I said compared to the fatboss guys actually.. but w/e

  • haha! I don't really dislike her voice, but compared to fatboss who actually make studying for a new kill fun rather then hard work to listen to, well Fatboss boys win, I will miss there videos a lot.

  • Are they not going to continue with their videos?
    They were SUCH a relief after a whole xpack of listening to Aliena and cutting your veins :D
    I just love their jokes and the spontaneous comments.

  • Nah they are stopping, at least they said they would, they are just finding it to much of a time consumption.

  • Oooooooh…such a shame :(

  • O_o… but I loved her voice so much.

    Those videso during BC era were so amazing… and I never found her irritating like so many people did. Granted that I listen those videos only for 2 expansion, maybe that was the reason.

  • Actually, I didn't find her voice irritating also at start but after some point, as Mai said you really want to cut your veins. Non-stop hardcore tactic explaining with that emo voice really depresses me. On the other hand, fatboss makes everything fun by little jokes and unique comments. And yes it is such a shame they are stopping, will really miss them.

  • Ahhh that explain alot…..
    I am very attracted by emo women and raz00rs!


    Yes FatBoss were nice, but I still think that their videos was not that complete as the old explanation videos other were doing.

  • fatboss is retiring?!?!?!?!

    *crawls in a corner and cries in the foetus position*

    Loved those guys… was like listening to Mitchell and Web analysing tacs :'(

    aliena can kiss ma white lilly arse. i'd rather listen to the icy-veins dude explain how they do it in soviet Russia. cos in soviet russia you don't learn tacs, the tacs learn you!

  • Joni?

    and LOL@the soviet Russia…I hate that guy too, he needs to get laid.

  • I'm impressed so many of you lads liked fatboss? really, what's wrong with you? I hated Alienta too, but Fatboss weren't much better.

    Side note: Caldera has a profile pic, gz!

  • Whilst I prefer Fatboss, I had no problem at all with Aliena's voice :O