Kresnica, Jebus of the Week

Awarded on: April 23, 2013

Cause I don't want to see Thala on first page anymore and I miss Mushka :p



  • I also miss Ze Dworf, Lil…. where are you

  • he's in d3 :p

  • lol & awwwww thank you :D

    Boobie dwarf is saying hi.

    I miss him to Silph, last night I was whispering him and he stopped responding, I'm like omg your ignoring me? He says no I started a campaign & can't see the chat. I was like :O YOU LEFT ME =(. He said something about been right here in real life (details).


  • xXx You said well Bekki… details…

    We all miss him, but in all honestly… it's an excuse!
    We all know that who everyone is really missing is you!!!!!

    Lil is just a nice addiction :3

    *Evil Laugh* <– back in business again

  • We miss you also Silph, your like a night owl now, coming out to play when we are asleep. And I miss Gonny, whenever anyone asks me about BGs etc I say, I can't, Gonny left me. Mean dwarf.

  • !!!

    I knew it… Gonny.. lucky bastard! He always get the best memories… me jealous and a lot.

    By the way he told me to say hi to you all.

  • Say Hai Gonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 :D

  • ooo & last 2 days I did some BGs with an undead…. Just saying :D

  • Omg we need a new jebus of the week as this one is out dated and bekki is now one of our awesome healers and is why I enjoy raiding.

    I have 2 nominations

    Poke - for saying that TS is really quiet tonight only for it to turn out he had it on mute…. Hahaha still makes me laugh

    Vil - when someone said they need 45 seconds for there cd to reset he then started a 45 second pull timer nab nab

  • aww Tray <3

  • I'd change JotW to Vil for that comment about Aliena tbh, but as I mentioned earlier, we can't set JotWs atm…Ava broke it and it's not his prio to repair :(

  • JotW used to be a pride and glory for the guy that got it….

    But I think Poke deserves that … /facepalm