Who are we

We fail at being serious

We are a small guild of mature and experienced players focused on kicking bad asses in WoW.

We've grown up on Aszune but after a few successful years we had to abandon a dead realm and move to Sylvanas-EU.

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Avallach, Jebus of the Week (3 years ago by Vilmari)

Raiding with Nabs (4 years ago by Kresnica)

Flex (4 years ago by Kresnica)

SoO (cancelled) (4 years ago by Saphiira)

SOO thursday (4 years ago by Aurox)

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Garrosh is deadedededed

The team of brave Cliques has killed the final boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar and opened the door to heroic modes. With that, we have a roadmap for the nearest future and raids.

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Forum Ranks Reorganisation

Using my awesome priest and her transmo to talk about new ranks on the forums… Why? Because I can!

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Back to two kills per week

The good news is, we killed both the big bad dino AND the crafter of sieges…. the bad news is, our guild photographer wasn't present on our last kill this week, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!

It didn't get much better than that!
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